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Our goal is to offer professional services, so in our studio you will be in the hands of professionals where the highest quality supplements are used so that you have a perfect look.

Eyelash Extension

Different options and prices, you can take a look on our eyelashes tab!

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  • Microblading

    design and hair removal with a blade, semi-permanent technique where strokes are made on the skin simulating hair to fill spaces and achieve symmetry (lasts one year) does not apply to oily skin - $300

  • Lash Lift

    Includes a design with black ink if necesary, lash lifting of natural lashes for a better look - last 4 to 6 weeks - $60

  • Powder Brows

    design and hair removal with a blade, semi-permanent technique simulates powder effect of makeup or shading - $300

  • Brow Lamination

    hair removal, trimming and styling, straightening unruly hair to set a desired shape (includes dye if necessary) - $80

  • Brow Depilation & Wax


  • Deep Facial Cleansing

    cleaning, exfoliation, extraction, high frequency and mask, base treatment to do an in-depth study of the skin and continue with the protocols that it needs

  • Lip Blush

    micropigmentation with a previous design that gives a more pink or red color to the lip, improves symmetry, in case of dark lips a neutralization can be performed, which lightens the tone by 40%, lasts approximately one year